Easter Countdown: Family Activities to Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

What is the Easter Countdown?

Faith-Based Family Fun’s Easter Countdown is a 10-day (plus Easter Sunday) lead-up to Easter with:

  • devotionals focused on the life of Christ; and
  • written for parents to read to their preschool and elementary-aged children; with
  • free coloring pages;
  • easy crafts that require little-to-no materials that you wouldn’t already have at home; and
  • designed to help parents keep the focus on Jesus with little-to-no prep time but lots of fun.
Easter Countdown has Devotionals, Coloring Pages, and Crafts for the Family

Why the Easter Countdown?

Too often, Easter comes and goes in a blur and parents are lucky to get together an Easter basket. We want to change that! With biblically-sound devotionals and fun activities, we want to come alongside parents and help them intentionally focus on the true meaning of the Easter holiday.

What do you need to do the Easter Countdown?

  • There is a craft or activity for each of the ten days leading up to Easter. We’ve tried to choose activities that use what you already have at home, though you will need to purchase a few things. We got everything we need for $20!
  • If you don’t want to do a particular craft, there are coloring pages for each day (minus one) that you can use instead.
  • The coloring pages include verses in both a modern translation and the King James Version to suit your family’s preference.
Easter Countdown Supplies

The Easter Countdown Goal

No muss, no fuss, everything in one place, ready to go Easter activities you will actually do!

no muss, no fuss Easter activities

Learn how to get the most out of the Easter Countdown and maximize the kingdom impact for your children.

Start the countdown!

Want an even easier way to do the Easter Countdown?

While you can access everything you need on this website for free, if you’d like to get all the original devotionals, coloring pages, and other printables in one, easy-to-print e-book to save yourself some time clicking through the site, you can find it for $5 here. Your purchase helps us continue to create great content that you can use to help point your kids to Christ.

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