Easter Countdown Family Activity: Jesus Can’t Be Stopped

This year, let’s be intentional in our lead-up to Easter Sunday.  These activities will move chronologically through the book of John, capturing important ideas about the Person of Jesus.  There is a Bible passage to read, a key verse to focus on or memorize, and a teaching that puts it all into language children can easily grasp.  Finish your Bible time with a fun family activity to help the ideas stick!  If you don’t have or want to buy the materials, most days have a free printable you can use instead.  We pray your family is blessed through this focused, fun family Bible time as you count down to Easter!  

Easter Countdown Family Activity #1: Jesus Can’t be Stopped

Jesus can't be stopped Easter activity

This activity is designed to be done one day before Easter (Holy Saturday) as part of a ten-day countdown. Of course, if you don’t have time to do all the activities, feel free to choose just those most important to you.

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Easter Countdown Family Activity: Jesus can’t be Stopped

1 Day before Easter- Holy Saturday

Passage: Matthew 27:62-66

Verse: Matthew 27:66

Theme: Jesus can’t be Stopped


We know that Jesus rose again on the third day- he didn’t stay dead! But the disciples didn’t know that yet. So today was a very sad day for them. They were so sad! Their friend, the one they thought would rescue them, he was dead! They were afraid, too. What if people would want to kill them as well because they had spent so much time with Jesus?

But the guards were busy doing something else that day. You see, the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate to ask him to do something special. You see, Jesus had spoken about rising again on the third day and they were afraid he’d do just that (though they claimed to be afraid the disciples would steal Jesus’ body).

So you know what they did? They took a biiiiiiig, heavy stone- so big that it would be impossible to move without a LOT of noise and trouble- and put it in front of Jesus’ tomb. Then, they had a big, burly guard stand in front of it.

There! No way that man was coming back out of there!

Or so they thought.

But remember, our Jesus is amazing, and death- and people- held no true power over him!

Before we get to the celebrating, though, let’s take a few minutes and think again about the disciples. They thought Jesus was gone forever. They felt afraid and alone.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel lonely? Or afraid? The disciples didn’t realize that Jesus was still right there. He would never really leave them. And he will never leave you! Jesus is with you always, forever and ever, even when it feels like you are alone. Jesus can’t be stopped!

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